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Working with the iOS App

Welcome to the iOS App support page! Download and install here The app is intended for Student Lap Tracker subscriber schools. At this time, there is no functionality for non-subscribers. Sorry! If your school is running, get in touch! I’m sure we can help.The first… Read More »Working with the iOS App

Student Privacy Pledge

We’re in! I’m pleased to announce we took the Student Privacy Pledge earlier this week. We’ve been compliant from day 1 but it’s nice to have our commitment publicly memorialized. I created the first version of our program as a parent volunteer at my boys’… Read More »Student Privacy Pledge

Park Orchard Jog a Thon

Students at Park Orchard Elementary in Moses Lake, WA participated in the first ever jog a thon. Thanks to Student Lap Tracker, students were able to immediately after the run see their individual results and class results with the awesome detaliled reports. Student Lap Tracker… Read More »Park Orchard Jog a Thon

Thank You!

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE AT STUDENT LAP TRACKER! Ray Daily Elementary School in Houston, TX implemented the running program during the Spring semester.  I am so happy and encouraged by the motivation and excitement this program provided our PE students!  Our kids were talking… Read More »Thank You!

Kids in School

MAD Milers – 75 mile club

This was our group of 75 milers in February. They are proudly wearing their MAD Miler T-Shirts that they earned. As of today, we have 10 students over 100 miles!!! This post authored by CDickinson2013

Jog-A-Thon Fundraisers

Raising money to fund supplementary programs has become an important role for parent organizations in these days of tight budgets. Student Lap Tracker is first and foremost a fitness program. A secondary but popular use of our program is for Jog-A-Thon and FunRun fundraising events.… Read More »Jog-A-Thon Fundraisers

Friday shout-out to …

Today’s post is a shout-out to Coach Lynne Knowd at the Ramona Community School… she’s put together a fantastic program with LOTS of positive reinforcement. They’ve run a collective 7,000 miles this year, an average of over 20 miles per student. Here’s the best part: 88… Read More »Friday shout-out to …