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Thank You!


Ray Daily Elementary School in Houston, TX implemented the running program during the Spring semester.  I am so happy and encouraged by the motivation and excitement this program provided our PE students!  Our kids were talking about running everyday as they entered school and checked their class rank, distance and the previous day’s results.  I also used the top 10 report to post running leaders for girls and boys by grade level.  The awards schedule report was also a favorite of mine so I could distribute shoe tokens in a timely fashion as the kids reached their grade level goals.  In addition to posting results in the hallway, I projected each class runners’ report on the wall with a powerpoint which helped immensely in getting kids focused at the beginning of class.  I am looking forward to our first full year of the Ray Daily ES Mileage Club beginning this fall!


Jim and Hanna are organized, helpful and positive people.  Our mid year startup process was easy and fast.  The directions are clearly communicated and phone calls/emails were answered and returned quickly.  As a PE teacher time during the school day is precious and limited.  I was able to get everything going during my conference periods and did not have to spend any time after the school day throughout the setup process.  After I quickly became acclimated to the program I was able to print reports at the end of the class period while students were hydrating.


The return for students is immediate for this investment.  They compete against not only each other, but themselves, consistently asking me if I have updated their running data.  I also received positive feedback from parents and teachers who let me know that the kids were talking about running in the classroom and at home.

A few pics from Ray Daily Elementary School in Houston, TX enjoying

Thanks again!  Jason Van Alstine – PE Teacher

This post authored by Jason Van Alstine