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Blog post #1

Girl Running

Welcome! I have worked with so many great people over the last 5 years, and want to share the tips, stories and insights gathered along the way. The teachers, parents and school administrators who work with our kids on a daily basis are shaping the world to come. My company’s mission is to provide them with an affordable tool that they can use to help build a healthy community at their school.

The people do make a difference:

  • At 6:30 this Saturday morning, I received an email from a dad in Calabasas who is taking time out of his weekend to prepare for his kids’ school Jog-A-Thon.
  • Yesterday, it was a veteran PE Teacher  in Scripps Ranch who was helping us test our new height and weight scanning for BMI. That data, along with our mile timing, enables Fitness Assessment Reports that she’ll use to proactively help students with their energy balance and aerobic capacity.
  • And on Thursday, we passed a company milestone: over 3 million laps tracked since the 2008-09 school year. Most of those laps were run by kids who were simply joining in on the fun at their school’s running club, which was only made possible by the teachers and parents who decided to make it happen.

Thanks for reading – I will be adding more posts and look forward to your comments!