How It Works

1. Students run with their ID card in PE Class or Run Club

  • Each student simply carries his own ID card in hand, like a baton.
  • Timing uses a group start and a controlled process to keep finish line moving.
  • Device stores but does not display data - fewer questions and more coaching.

2. Teacher scans ID card
as students cross finish line

  • At finish line, students slow down or pause to present their card to teacher.
  • Teacher holds scanner 4-6 inches away from ID card, points at barcode and clicks.
  • Scanner beeps and student resumes. Pause time is 3-5 seconds per lap.

3. Cards are collected and kept organized for next time

  • Run Clubs use plastic baskets, buckets, pocket charts or a mobile card rack.
  • Teachers can store their students' cards at their desk.
  • Print & Laminate replacement cards from the program as needed.

4. Scanner data uploads to our secure database in a snap

  • Easy: Connect to Windows or Mac via USB. No software to install - 100% web based.
  • Fast: Upload Scans Wizard takes less than 60 seconds per scanner.
  • Convenient: Upload on your schedule. Device will store 5,000 scans.

5. Reports show mileage, awards & times

  • Branded with your school name, your department or activity, and mascot image.
  • Use yearly total or set any date range. View online or save to Excel, Word or PDF.
  • Award List, Grade Summary, Runners Report, Top Runners by Grade & Gender, Timed Run with Splits, Timed Run Trend.

6. Dashboard accounts
for family access

  • Users see only their own data. School controls access; no self-registration.
  • Brings STEM to PE - affordably.
  • Make students accountable for their own physical activity levels.