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Class List Instructions

The Class List (Roster) Data File is imported into our secure database during initial setup and at the beginning of the school year. After the import, changes such as adding new students are entered into our secure website by the PE Teacher.

TIP: Start with one of our File Templates below. This will ensure you are following the format we need.

Class List Data File

The file should be created by your school office manager or district IT office as an export.

Fields to Include

  1. Student Last Name (required)
  2. Student First Name  (required)
  3. Student Number ***
  4. Gender
  5. Grade  (required)
  6. Teacher Name  (required)
  7. PE Class Period/Section

*** Additional info for Student Number

  • We can generate a number for you.
  • If this is your first year we recommend using our generated student number (unless you have a reason to use your own)
  • If using your school’s own cards from the photographer, library or cafeteria, please provide the number of the barcode.
  • If renewing, and you provided student numbers in a previous year, please provide the same numbers used previously.


  • Send us a SINGLE file that includes ALL of your classes and students.  
  • DO NOT break your classes up into multiple files – this will delay your import
  • DO NOT break your classes up into multiple tabs or worksheets – this will delay your import.
  • DO NOT include any line breaks to separate your classes
  • DO NOT include any addtitional information or sections in the document
  • Make sure you have included ALL of the required fields – missing fields will delay your input.
  • Compare your file with one of the “File Templates to Get Started” from below before sending to us.

Acceptable File Formats


Single file with column titles and data only
If using Excel format, a single tab with no formatting, subsections, etc
Title-cased preferred (not all CAPS)

Sending us your data, two options:

By Support Request

For encrypted file transfer (preferred):

  1. Login to the Lap Tracker website with an administrator account created for your school.
  2. Go to the “help” tab and click the “Open a Support Ticket” button.  Attach your class list file, and send the message.

By Email

Send data file as attachment to:

Student Data Privacy

Student Lap Tracker follows FERPA, COPPA and AB 1584 for student data privacy, and it is our policy that student names are never publicly available on our website.