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Distance Learning With At-Home

Empty Classroom

100% Remote? Hybrid? Normal School Year?

The Covid-19 pandemic has really made for an unusal start to the school year with many schools opening in a 100% remote capacity and others exploring hybrid models.

Whether your school is opening 100% remote, using a hybrid model or fully opening, we have something for you.  


Engage Your Students, Track Their Progress and Promote Fitness in a Distance Learning Model

  • At-Home by Student Lap Tracker is an app for students that allows them to record their exercise from home in 3 easy steps.
  • Teachers can explore individual progress and class wide progress using real-time dynamic reports.
  • Teachers can customize activities to make the process more enjoyable for their students.
  • Included at no extra cost with your annual subscription – start the year with At-Home and transition to lap tracking when your school reopens.