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Getting Started With At-Home

With At-Home you can Engage your students despite the Covid-19 pandemic

At Home Screen

What is the At-Home feature ?

  • Students use any web browser on any device to log time for exercise
  • New reports show you the exercises they did and for how long
  • See individual or class progress at any time
  • Customize activities for a more personal experience

How Do I Use It ?

NOTE to Teachers - These are new instructions. We've made the process easier.

Step 1: Get The Instructions Link

Click the button below to get your instruction link for At-Home.   You will send this to your students.

Step 2: Send the Link to Your Students

  • Students access the link from any web browser on any device
  • Students enter their teacher, first name and last name to sign in
  • Logging exercise is easy and fun

Step 3: Monitor Student and Class Progress

  • New reports show how much your students are exercising.
  • See what they did and for how long
  • Report on individual or class level progress

Students use the new app.  Teachers continue to use Student Lap Tracker for reporting. 

Where Are The New Reports ?

New reports are located under the Reports menu from your Student Lap Tracker account.

How Do I Customize Activities ?

  • Login to your Student Lap Tracker account
  • Go to Start => Activities / Tracks
  • Note the default activities with the activity type “At Home”
  • Change the defaults or add new ones